Some are less fortunate than I am.
Let’s make an impact!

I know I’m incredibly privileged. As a philanthropist, I care about people. I believe that mankind can bring about a change of heart. A change of mind must take place.

We are all one, we belong together and should support each other. On my travels I have discovered a few projects that I find particularly valuable to support. Every cent goes directly to the organisations and projects.

Here are the projects that won my heart and are worth to support, every cent counts:

Dream Big Ghana

Dream Big Ghana NGO is situated in a region of Ghana where age old cultural traditions are still practiced as a part of every day life. The NGO facilitates drumming and dancing workshops and performances in its Community Learning Centre.

Bruno Manser

The Bruno Manser Fund stands for fairness in the tropical forest. The fund is committed to campaigning for the conservation of the threatened tropical rainforests with their biodiversity and strive for the respect of the rights of the rainforest dwellers.


Velafrica collects worn-out bicycles, gets them up and running again and ships them to Africa. Every year, more than 20,000 bikes are shipped from Switzerland to the South, where they make people’s lives easier.

Buy a kilometer

You can buy my kilometers and keep me going on my bicycle. Every single cent goes directly to the NGO you select. One kilometer = One dollar. Help me make the World a better place.


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